• Year-End Letter from the Board of Councilors

Year-End Letter from the Board of Councilors

By Brittany Welsh on September 7, 2021

Dear University Club Member,

With the 2020-2021 academic year behind us and the summer session in progress, we have a few updates for you on our Club reopening plans, the reinstatement of Club membership dues, and the results of our 2021 -2022 Board of Councilors election.

When we last wrote to you on February 24 we provided an update on Board activities including our By-Law Review process and Club Membership tier development. Our Board committees have continued to make tremendous progress on updating our By-Laws and enhancing our Membership tiers. As a member, you can review the committee reports via the Member Login portal.

We have been actively engaged in working with our colleagues in USC Hospitality to develop a Club Restart Plan and we are pleased to announce that activities are underway to reopen the Club in early September. When the Club reopens we can expect to start with lunch, catering, and event services. To help support the Club reopening plan, on July 1st we are restarting membership dues at $15 per month and upon the physical reopening in September, we will resume pre-pandemic membership dues of $25 per month. Your dues will contribute to our ability to rehire our staff and the expenses related to maintaining the facility.

As I close out my tenure as University Club Chair, I am grateful for the continued support of our members and the University community. This past year as the Board continued to focus on engaging the community through our online programming, we held Midday Recharge events featuring many of our colleagues including Dana Jones (Family Genealogy), Indra Mukhopadhyay (Creativity and Active Engagement of the Arts), Nichelle Huizar (Being Green at Home) and Miki Turner (How to Take a Better Photo). We also held an Intergenerational Conversation with USC Black Women Leaders, a discussion of the Vision for USC’s DEI future with Christopher Manning and Miki Turner, a Tamale Making Class and our inaugural Staff Recognition program, which honored 18 deserving staff colleagues for their work in DEI. These programs had robust attendance from our members and community and we will continue to maintain a mix of virtual and in-person events in the fall.

I want to thank the 2020-2021 Board for their continual efforts and dedication in keeping the Club a vibrant and active community participant. Many thanks to the Board members who have fulfilled their terms, including Kirk Brennan, John Callaghan, Libby Kim, LaVonna B. Lewis, Martha Lyon-Levine, Brian Mico and Miki Turner, and the remaining members who will continue Board service in 2021-2022.

Patricia Anthony              Keck School of Medicine                         2021-2022 Board Member
Kirk Brennan                   Enrollment Services                                                 Completed Term
Debbie Call                     Gould School of Law                                2021-2022 Board Member
David Cash                     Rossier School of Education                    2021-2022 Board Member
John Callaghan               Emeriti Center Representative                                Completed Term
Ty Callahan                     Marshall School of Business                    2021-2022 Board Member
Darnell Cole                    Rossier School of Education                    2021-2022 Board Member

Kim Finney                     Keck School of Medicine                                 2021-2022 Board

Libby Kim                        Thornton School of Music                                        Completed Term
LaVonna B. Lewis           Sol Price School of Public Policy                             Completed Term
Martha Lyon-Levine        Dworak-Peck School of Social Work                       Completed Term
Brian Mico                       Staff Assembly Representative                               Completed Term
Indra Mukhopadhyay      Dornsife College                                       2021-2022 Board Member
Daniel Pecchenino          Academic Senate Representative           2021-2022 Board Member
Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences
Lori Ray-Fisher               School of Dramatic Arts                           2021-2022 Board Member
Miki Turner                      Annenberg School for Communication                    Completed Term
Claudia R. Wiedeman    Shoah Foundation                                    2021-2022 Board Member

I would also like to welcome and congratulate our new Board members who will start their tenure in July 2021.

Rosamaria Alamo        Dworak-Peck School of Social Work           2021-2022 Board Member
Erika Chesley              Staff Assembly Representative                    2021-2022 Board Member
Deb Lawler                  Annenberg School for Communication        2021-2022 Board Member
Oliver Mayer                School of Dramatic Arts                               2021-2022 Board Member
Elizabeth Nesbitt         Viterbi School of Engineering                      2021-2022 Board Member
Donna Simmons          Emeriti Center Representative                    2021-2022 Board Member
Lori Shreve Blake        Student Affairs                                             2021-2022 Board Member

A special thanks to our Committee Chairs: Debbie Call, Martha Lyon-Levine, Libby Kim, Indra Mukhopadhyay, and Claudia Wiedeman. Additionally, I want to recognize LaVonna B. Lewis, who just completed 6 years on the Board and served as Board Chair from 2019-2020.  In 2021-2022 Ty Callahan will serve as Board Chair – thanks to Ty for his willingness to serve in this capacity.

Finally, we greatly appreciate the support of our colleagues in USC Hospitality and the Office of the Provost. Dirk de Jong, Kristen Todd, and Mark Todd have consistently provided insight and guidance for the Board, and their leadership and transparency has been invaluable.

I am honored and grateful to have served as Board Chair and look forward to the physical reopening of the Club. On behalf of the Board of Councilors, thank you in advance for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you on campus and dining at the Club!

James Vasquez
Chair 2020-2021
Amy King Dundon-Berchtold
University Club of USC

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