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Member Payment Options

Membership Type How The Membership Dues Are Paid
Regular Members Choose one of the 3 options (indicated on the application):
1. Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard or American Express (at University Club, by mail, online or via phone)
2. Payroll Deductions. Based on Monthly, Bi-Weekly, or Hospital Bi-Weekly pay period
3. Departmental Requisition
First Year Free First year free. Payroll deduction for dues will commence automatically at the end of the first year, unless cancelled in writing
Affiliate Annually. Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard or American Express (at University Club, by mail, online or via phone)

Dues Increase effective July 1st, 2018

The Board of Councilors of the University Club have increased the annual dues to $300, effective July 1st, 2018. For employees that have this deducted from their paychecks, it will be $25 monthly.

If you wish to pay for your membership via credit card, you can do so on an annual basis using our Tapingo site.

Business Account Information – Year End Balance

Any open department blanket accounts will be closed after June 30, 2018, so we would encourage you to schedule your end-of-year events with the University Club today or enjoy year-end meals at the Restaurant.   Please note: Funds that are not used will be returned to your department.

We offer elegant dining options in our restaurant, our private rooms or through our catering services. You can choose our express catering or full catering services for your department meetings and commencement celebrations, depending on your needs.

Please contact us at (213)740-2030 to book your events today and take advantage of the funds that you have already allocated for the University Club.

You also have the opportunity to load additional funds onto your accounts for the 2018-2019 year in late May.

If you have questions about your account, please feel free to email uclub@usc.edu. The University Club appreciates your continued patronage and we look forward to serving you.