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Left to Their Own Devices Book Cover    Dr. Julie Albright Dr. Laura Bake

Member Virtual Event with the Author of Left to Their Own Devices

Join us for our first virtual member event, featuring Dr. Julie Albright, Lecturer in the departments of Applied Psychology and Engineering in conversation with Dr. Laura Baker,  Professor of Psychology. They will spend 15-20 minutes in conversation about the book and then open it up to the group for questions and thoughts.

Zoom Information will be provided upon Registration

We encourage you to have questions after the discussion!

More about the book:
Chosen as a Bloomberg Top 30 Book of 2019
In this illuminating book, a sociologist explores the many ways that young people’s enchantment with digital devices is weakening their ties to people, places, jobs, and other stabilizing structures, and what that means for all of us.

Digital natives are hacking the American Dream. The Internet, smartphones, and social media are quickly rendering old habits and norms a distant memory, creating the greatest generation gap in history. In this eye-opening book, digital sociologist Julie M. Albright looks at our device-obsessed society, and the many ways in which the Post World War II American Dream is waning for the Millennial generation. As contemporary “untethered” adults, they no longer adhere to traditional norms of marriage, parenting, buying a home and car, working in one place, going to church or temple, or being a member of a political party. The only constant is digital connectivity: The vast majority sleep with their cellphones, so as never to miss a message.