• University Club facade


Celebrate the Year of the Rat at the University Club with our wonderful themed-buffet.



  • Egg Drop Soup (gf)
  • Sweet & sour black fungus and shitake mushroom soup (vg)(gf)


Buffet Special:

  • Roasted char sui pork loin, bed of steamed baby bok choy (gf)
  • Braised colossal shrimp, black bean garlic sauce, waterchestnuts & fresh asparagus (gf)
  • Spicy Chinese eggplant & tofu stir fry (vg)(gf)


Buffet Sides:

  • Steamed Jasmine rice // Gailon and Oyster sauce
  • Chef’s choice assorted dim sum, sweet chili, hot mustard & soy dipping sauces


Mini salads:

  • Mandarin chicken salad // Glass noodle Chinese vegetable salad with toasted black sesame



Fortune cookies // Asian inspired Macarons // Grilled tropical fruit