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The Amy King Dundon-Berchtold University Club of USC
705 West 34th Street
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA 90089-1541

Reservations: (213) 740-2030
Main Phone: (213) 740-2030
Fax: (213) 740-1613

Juanita Gomez
Banquet and Catering Sales Manager
(213) 740-2030
fax (213) 740-1613
Yesenia Fuentes
Banquet and Catering Sales Associate
(213) 740-2030
fax (213) 740-1613 
Kristen Todd
Membership Manager
(213) 740-2030
fax (213) 740-1613

Lynn Corner
Budget/Business Analyst
(213) 740-2030
fax (213) 740-1613

Kelly Geiger
Restaurant General Manager
(213) 740-2030
fax (213) 740-1613

Connie Castelan
Administrative Assistant
(213) 740-2030
fax (213) 740-1613


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